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Networking with Screenwriter Jeremy Adams

Episode Summary

Meet an artist in the midst of "making it." My friend, screenwriter Jeremy Adams, after a decade toiling in obscurity, seems to be launching a new project every month. From CW's Supernatural to Lego projects to Teen Titans Go! to Mortal Kombat, he's on the up and up.

Episode Notes

Every time I talk to Jeremy Adams, he has a new ridiculous TV show idea. He's been cutting his teeth on Lego's DC superhero movies and last year joined the writer's room of Supernatural, after co-writing the uber-popular "Scoobynatural" episode in 2018.

Like most people in LA, he's a screenwriter, but he actually writes things! We had a great conversation about perseverance, what it takes to "make it" and the vulnerability necessary to be a "real" artist, even after you've tasted success.

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